Workout exercises

Today, around lunch time, I went down to the gym where I did my workout. In this post, I will try to explain a bit what kind of exercises I did. I hope it might give you some inspiration or ideas, for your future workouts. There will be two types of workouts. The first one is a long one, duration one hour- but can be a lot longer too, I usually always do this one, everyday. The second one is for when I do not have so much time, or when I am tired.

Remember, in these workouts I have written examples of exercises, by that I mean that these are of course the ones I do: but sometimes I vary the type of exercises- which means that I do the same each and everyday, if it makes sense.

Workout number 1: 

I start with 5 minutes on the cross trainer, to get my legs working and to warm up my muscles a bit. Then I run for 5 minutes, taking it quite easy since I recently did the foot surgery. These two things are very optional and not necessary for my daily workout, I only do this whenever I have access to a gym, with such machines. Then I do core exercises. Either I start with 8 minutes plank, 2 minutes center, 2 each side and then 2 min center again (2+2+2+2=8), and after that I do 100 sit ups. Or I only do 300 straight sit ups, without the plank. After either of these, I do “half slow sit ups”,  I stay in the middle, where you have to work the most with your core, and go a bit up, still not straight, and then down- but not touching the floor. I do those between 10-20 times.

After doing that, I do some slow sit ups, going all the way up and down. I then lift up my legs to a 90 degrees angle, bent legs, and twist my body, from side to side. Either with a weight in my hands or without. I do 100 of these, which are called Russian twists. Then I use a foam roller. I lay on the roller with my back, stomach facing up, arms stretched out to the sides, on the floor. I keep my legs in a 90 degrees angle, both bent, and in that position I do “dips” with my legs. One foot after another touching the floor, then going back to the original position (90 degrees). I do around 10-20 of these, you can also increasing the workout by flexing your feet.

I follow up these exercises by doing either 30 or 50 side lifts, to each side. Then I move on to the turnout exercises. Today I started with the stomach on the floor, back facing up, and legs in second position, flexed feet. I did 20 lifts in that position, then 15 circles en dehors and 15 en dedans. After that, I did 20 frog lifts, 10 small and 10 bigger. I then placed my legs in first, feet flexed and in a 180 degrees turned out position. I lifted each foot 10 times, always kept my foot in a 180 rotation. Then I did some weight lifts with my arms and worked on my port des bras. I continued with a few more turnout exercises, laying on the side, but those are too hard to explain by only text. Then I did 15 big back lifts, 15 smaller and then went all the way up in a big back lift, and did a few port des bras. I also did grand battements on the floor, to the side and to the front.

I then turned around, back layed on the ground and stomach faced up the ceiling. I put my legs in a 90 degrees position, flexed my feet in first position. Then I turned in, turned out- repeat 10 times. After those, I placed one feet in front of the other, in a fifth, and did 10 beats like that. You can feel your insides and turnout muscles very much, if you really keep the feet flat in a 180 degrees turnout, when doing this.

After all these exercises,  I started stretching. Splits, over splits, frog, ‘leg in the hand’ stretch- front and back, hamstrings and so on. I did a bit of class and then my foot rehab. Releves and theraband and so on.

Workout number 2:

This is when I do not have much time. Start with 100-300 sit-ups. 30 side lifts each side. A short sequence of turnout exercises and insides. Stretch. That’s it! It usually takes around 20 minutes.

I hope this wasn’t too messy and may have given you some tips for future workouts.

Good luck with your training!


2 thoughts on “Workout exercises

  1. Hi Moa! I Adore you so much, You’re so beatiful and an amazing dancer. I usel to do a bit ballet when i was younger, but then quit, which I regret when I see you… Your blog is great too, I’ve been reading it every day since you created it, kind of… Discovered your Instagram by a friend, dreamy pictures and feed goals. I wish you all luck in the future <33 and sorry for my English, it's not on top. However, keep doing what you're doing, I think you're just everything goals. Love!


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