4 from today 

Shorts hollister// Shirt Odd Molly// 

Isn’t Nutella just the best thing ever? (#sweet tooth much?) And btw braids are my fave hairstyle at the moment. I just figured out how to do them myself (I think it is called cornrow, isn’t it?) Can some English speaking person please tell me what these braids are called?

Have a good night sleep, I know I will. The workout this morning seemed to have killed my legs, my body is literally dead. Great feeling though.

Good night! 


6 thoughts on “4 from today 

  1. Actually, I’m not English native speaker hehe but I think these braids are called “boxer braids”. I’m soooo late, but I wanted to wish you a late Happy Birthday, hope you have the most fantastic year and a lot of happiness! Also, hope your brother and sister get better soon! Xx


  2. I’m an english speaker, I haven’t heard of boxer braids before but maybe they are “french braids’ or ‘dutch braids’. Maybe try searching it up! Hope this helps!


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