Surgery and foot update

I cannot believe it is already 4 pm right now! Neither can i believe that I am onto week 7, post surgery. Like what? Where have all those weeks gone? Anyways… Here’s an post surgery update! 

On a scale of 1-10 how it feels in my foot, where 1 is not good at all, and 10 is exactly like before but without the pain from the bone: I would say I am a 9.

I am finally touching the floor again, when pointing the foot- which you can see in the photos. Progress right? I can feel something when I point my foot at the max, I wouldn’t define it as pain, but maybe because the movement itself is quite unusual? It is no where near how I felt before surgery though- and I am SO thankful for that.

Today I worked in the gym for an hour and a half. I started running for 20 minutes, I tried running the first time yesterday and took it a bit easy then. When I realized my foot luckily didn’t take any damage from running, I ran much longer today. It was such a great feeling! High music in my ears, great view out over the huge town and overall a great gym to workout in. Love it!

I have also started to jump now. Mainly with both feet but also a bit on one and another. I am doing lots of relevés everyday, I can even do it with only my surgery foot, on one leg,- with no help from the other one. Theraband exercises are also in my daily foot rehab.

Today, I started a bit with pointe shoes. That was such a great feeling! I put them on after my workout. I tried parallel and turned out relevés on both feet, even a few on only one foot. My foot seemed to manage it totally fine! I am so happy over that! It did not get swollen afterwards and neither did it feel more painful. That is really super great. From now on, I will increase the amount of pointe work, a little everyday.

The scar definitely looks great, too. As you can see in the photos above. It is a little mini bit swollen just around the scar area. But I have been told it will probably be like this up to 3-4 months after surgery. Since it doesn’t make something more bad, the little swollen part does not matter at all. You can’t even tell it by the camera.

The earliest to be fully recovered, is 8 weeks. I think I would define myself as recovered next week, everything is improving rather rapidly at least! I can jump, turns, do pointe and so on.

I will let you know how everything goes! 




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