The perks of…

…The perks of living in South Asia is the monsoon (among other things of course), which decides the weather a lot. 

Right now, it is the summer monsoon, it comes with a lot of rain periods but it is still hot. Today was a typical monsoon weather day, I would say. It has been sunny and extremely hot, the whole morning and until afternoon. Then it started to get really foggy, the sky line totally disappeared and the rain started to fall down. That may have sounded a bit too peacefully, the rain did not slowly fall down on the windows; it showered. The temperature was still on +35 celsius degrees tough, got to love being in India.

The rain stopped a few minutes ago. The sky is totally clear and the skyline, on the other hand, is more than visible. It is actually so beautiful right now! You can really tell the weather differences by the photos above, all those were taken today.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. We will wake up at a bit before 7, and the taxi will be here by 7.40 am. The reason for the early wakening, is because we will be going to the get the residence permits for everyone, permission to stay in India. After that, my two youngest siblings, Tuva & Filip, will do the “English language proficiency assessment” for attending the American Ambassy School, AES. The test will be on their writing and talking skills, basically to see how much english they speak.

On Thursday, we’ll be visiting our new apartment and my other sister, Thea, will do the AES english test in the morning. On Friday, we will have to take our little cutie pie (aka our cat) to the caranteen officer, this because he’ll also have to get permission to stay here in India.

We are hoping to move in to the apartment by next week, can’t wait!

Hope you are having a great day, bye for now.



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