“FRRO” process

Hello everyone! 

In 10 minutes we will leave for the AES, American Embassy School, where my siblings will take their english tests. It takes around 45 minutes to the school and we all are very exited to what the school looks like.

We left the hotel at 8 am this morning. We drove for about 20 minutes, to get to a police station. I can tell you that it does not like any police stations I have ever seen in Sweden, more like a big house with apartment and a few place men walking around with guns… Anyways, we were there to fix the residence permits, so called the “FRRO- process” We waited there for a few hours and in total it took 3 hours. One thing you have to learn about being in India: be patient. The indian people are not fast, speaking from my own experiences. The workers checked our papers, filled in the documents, and so on.

When everything was finally finished, we went home for lunch. I had a dosa and lassi again, such great food if you are not super hungry but still need to eat.

I have to go, bye for now!


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