Instagram Q&A


Here are some of the many questions I got from my Instagram, @ moa.andreasson. I still have questions left to answer, many of them are regarding pointe shoes. Therefor, I was thinking that I will do a separate blogpost, only about pointe shoes. Until then, here are the answers!

What is your favorite brand of leotard? I prefer my Capezio leotards the most. They are very comfortable and have such a great fit.

Could you maybe explain some exercises to improve en dehors please?  Combining stretches and strengthening are great. I love the splits, make sure you have those. Frog lifts and lifts in second position (on the floor, stomach facing down), are also very good.

What you want to do in the future? Do you have any tips for starting ballet like what to take to the class? I want to dance for some years now. Then I want to start studying to maybe become a lawyer, and of course after a few years from then- I want to have children and a husband and all those things. I will post a blogpost very soon, regarding the first dance class and what to bring and so on.

What are some exercises you do to work on your over splits?  Start with warming up your hip flexors, either by doing turnout exercises before, or by leg swings. Then continue with doing the regular splits, gradually increase the height you put your legs on.

When did you start dancing? I started when I was 10 years old.

How was the audition for taZ, how long, how many…? I was quite sick during that audition, I unlikely caught a cold a few days before the audition, so for me it was really intense. It lasted for 2 hours and a bit more than 30 minutes, if I don’t remember it wrong. That included a barre, center, jumps, pointe for the girls and the boys’ exercises for the boys, basically all the exercises you do for class. We were wearing numbers on the front and in the back of the leotards, I think I got number 7. They continued throughout the whole class, to ask people to leave. They started right after the barre. In the end we were not many left. Luckily I got to do the whole audition and later go an email which told me that I got in, happy moment!

What is your dream ballet and what role would you be? Actually I don’t have a dream ballet, I want to dance in a well known great company and do lots of performances, of all kinds- focusing the very most on ballet.

How long have you been a dancer? 🙂 I started at the age of 10. You can check out earlier blogposts to find out more.

How are your legs so skinny? Personally I don’t think they are, but anyways, I don’t do ay diets or anything.

Do you have any dream ballet company? Which one(s)? Do you recommend Sweden as a good place to live? As I said above, I want to dance in a well known great company but I don’t have one particular, at the moment. I would say Sweden is more than a great place to live.

What is what you believe the most? I actually don’t know, I believe in many things but seen from a religious perspective, I am baptized but do not believe in God. Even though, I definitely respect every religion.

Have you ever seen the stuttgart ballet perform?  Nope, but I would like to.

Do you do anything to slim your arms? Or is it just the cardio from dancing that does it? Rather the opposite, we are ‘naturally thin’ in my family and I always have to think about eating a lot, looking too thin is not beautiful.

Can you write a blogpost about what turnout exercises you do? Yep absolutely! I have actually been writing a blogpost like this for quite some weeks now. It is finished but the only problem is that I have not taken any photos yet, I’ll do that soon though, then I will upload it.

Are you on vacation or are you truly living there? My family is truly living here in India, Dehli, now. It will for sure be for 2 years, but it can also be longer. We are hoping to continue moving when these years have passed. I am still moving to Zurich though, in a few weeks.

Your an amazing ballerina! Where do you dance? Thank you so much ❤ I used to go to the Royal Swedish Ballet school, now I will attend the Tanz Akademie in Zurich, in August.

How do you stay so slim and still have enough energy to get through all your classes? Whenever I try to eat less I don’t have enough energy to finish all of my classes. I never skip a meal or diet or such things. It is the same with me- I always have to eat a lot to get through my classes, otherwise my energy level would be too low to present myself at my best.

What exercises do you do to build such lean muscles? What are you tips on turns and extensions? If you work hard in ballet, ballet itself will form your muscles. I have just written a blogpost about improving turns, I will post it tomorrow.

What do you love bout your home country? It is very beautiful!

What’s your wish for the future? I want to live a happy life, dancing, later I want to educate, even later than that, I want to have children and a home and so on. Just like I mentioned above.

How can you be so slim and still have energy to get trough all your classes. When I eat less I don’t have enough energy to finish all of my classes??? I think it is the same with everyone, you always have to eat to get the right amount of energy into your body to perform at your best.

What’s your idea of a perfect day? A day with ballet, friends, great food and perfect sunny weather!

Have you ever been to Japan? If yes, tell me what is your impression. If not, do you want to visit? No, sadly I haven’t. I really want to go there though. It is on my bucket travel list!


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