Sister workout

Good evening all! 

The time is 9.40 pm and me and my sister just got back from the gym. We trained together for around one hour. We started running and then followed up with strengthening exercises, finished with stretching.

It was a great workout and so much fun to do it together with my sister. You don’t forget to read her blog, don’t you? You found it here.

Now, I am going to take a shower then we will play a bit of minecraft. It is an old big passion, we play online on our computers and compete in teams against other players. It might not sound like the most funny thing to do, but I promise it is great fun. By the way, the tests Thea did today, for AES, lasted for 3.5 hours! She said it went good and I am sure it did, even though them lasted forever.

Tomorrow will be another early morning. We will be taking our cat to the vet, caranteen office. This is, as I have explained before, due to the fact that he must have permission to stay here in India, which he will only get if he is healthy. He is an absolutely well being cat, and that will probably not be a problem. A blog post about how our experience was to travel with an animal, will be posted soon.

Other than the gym photos above, there are a few of me and my little brother’s many car selfies. You just can’t skip taking a selfie if there’s good lightening, can you? 

Good night, sleep tight! 


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