Yesterday’s adventures & today’s quality time


Hello everyone! 

I have been trying to fix all these categories and stuff, on this blog, for hours! Finally, I think I managed… Not sure though.

My youngest little sister, my brother and I just got back from the pool. My dad is working and my mom is with my other sister Thea, who is doing the tests at AES. I have been ‘babysitting’, or taking care of, my siblings from before lunch. It has been very cozy, we had a great lunch & overall quality time together. I really don’t want to move away from them, but choosing to dance made me have no choice. I will miss them so so so much!

This morning we were at our apartment. It is even better than we remembered it, we cannot wait to move in there. We will probably get it next Wednesday. Looking forward to it!

Yesterday, my mom and I got on a little adventure, in the hunt to find cat food. We brought a tiny bit with us from Sweden, but since our bags were already overpacked, we couldn’t take that much. My mom found a great pet store, a few days before, here in Gurgaon. We gave our driver the address. When we got to the place- it was nothing there. “This is the right address but there is no shop.” The driver told us. Typical indianish (yes we know India this much to judge such things). We took a deep breath and were like: “alright then, do you know somewhere else where there might be any food for our cat?” Because we had nothing left for him, we were in a huge urgent need of this cat food. Our driver then drove us in such small streets, nothing like those big ones with lots of traffic. Cows walking next to the car, people showering outside their sheds, in dirty water from a small bucket, little children playing along the streets, pigs eating the garbage in the surroundings. It is a completely different life, compared to Sweden. After quite some minutes, we stopped. In front of us there where extremely many stores, placed on an extremely small area. There were things such as toilet paper, shampoo, chips, dog food, technology stuff, home decorations, medications- and the list could go on forever but basically all you need. Among all those things, we finally found a bag of 3kg cat food, mission completed! Now, the only thing we need to buy is cat litter…



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