Shopping shopping

Good evening all! 

Right now it is 9.50 pm, here in India. When our quick visit to the quarantine officer was finished, this morning, we went straight to the Ambience Mall. After a great lunch at Starbucks & a lot of shopping, we drove back to our hotel. Around five, we went to pick up dad, at work, then we continued to the interior support company, rentech, that helps us with our furniture, for our apartment. We were there for almost 3 hours, deciding different furnitures, designs, models and colors for everything. It was very fun, I love designing and decorating rooms, I really think our apartment will look great- at least I hope it will. The only bad thing about the time we spent there, was that the room we sat in was EXTREMELY hot, it felt almost warmer than the 40 degrees temperature outside. Thanks to a fan and some water bottles, we survived the meeting.

At the mall we did a bit of shopping, as mentioned. I bought two books; the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Shantaram and a notebook. A few hours later and I had already finished reading the Harry Potter book, it was great! I really recommend it to all the Harry Potter fans out there, such great reading and HP is the best! Now I am looking forward to read Shantaram.

Me and my little sister bought two pants from H&M, which we will share. I will post photos of them later. My other little sister, Tuva, bought a Salwar- a type of indian clothing, at Fabindia. It is a popular clothing store, here in India. My brother got a such a nice school bag, from Tommy Hilfiger and they both got the cutest little erasers, from a supermarket. The supermarket we visited was huge, and so messy. Among lots of funny candy, we also bought mosquito repellant.

Now I will go to sleep! We do not have any particular plans for tomorrow (finally getting to sleep in late), except that I have decided that I will do my workout for at least one hour, since I didn’t have time to do it today. Anyways,

Good night!


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