Travelling with a cat

Here are some facts about how our travel with our cat and the visit to the quarantine officer were like. 
Everyone was a bit worried before. How will it be like to fly with him? What do we do if he really needs a toilet? How will he manage the flight? Will he? Anyways, the decision to take him with us, was the best we’ve done, I would say.
Before we started the trip. There were lots of papers, regarding moving the cat in to another country, to fill in. It took lots of time but it was needed. The cat also requires a passport, but he already had that.
There are special cages for travelling with animals and when you keep them with you, in the cabin. You can only do this if it weights under 8 kilograms. We bought the cage & two small bowls for food and water.
When we went through the security check, at the airport, they took the cat out to see if he or the cage contained anything illegal and those things, in a separate room (in case anyone would be allergic). Of course he didn’t, so it was no problem either. The staff at the both airplanes were well informed about the fact that we had a cat.
Little Bamse was so calm during the whole flight and trip. He didn’t make any sounds but appreciated when we cuddled with him. When we got of the airplane in Dehli, we thought the staff would have to check all the thousands of papers we filled in for our cat. The truth is, that no one even cared to check. We asked the people when we passed the visa controls, but they looked at us with a look that said “are you even from this planet?” . They had no idea what we were talking about, so we just stopped trying to show them the papers and took the taxi to the hotel instead.
We are staying at a cat friendly hotel, which means that it is absolutely no problem to keep the cat in our rooms.
Our cat really enjoyed the hotel and he is very cute. He makes a perfect match with the furniture. For now, and a few days ahead, we have enough food for him- but will probably buy some more in the near future.
Today we visited a vet or a “quarantine officer”. This, because Bamse does also require a residence permit, to stay in the country. This was bullshit, I must say. Everything was very formal, passports required, you were not allowed inside if you didn’t wore clothes that followed the dress code (covering shoulders and knees) and so on. So many rules that they don’t even care to look after. When in the office, the only thing we did was to give them the papers, which they signed rather quickly. Then we lifted up Bamse from the cage, they looked at him- and then done. Oh well, at least it was such a quick fix, compared to everything else that takes forever, here in India. You have to keep in mind that 10 minutes in India, automatically equals almost 1 hour. It goes slow, or not at all.
Travelling with our cat was no different than without, I would say. I hope this texted may help others how are wandering what it’s like, to travel with an animal. These were my experiences, it may vary from animal to animal & also to what country- but I suppose this is mainly how it is.
I hope you liked reading about this, and don’t forget to look at how extremely cute our little baby is! I love my cat so much and will endlessly miss him, when in Zurich.
In about 5 minutes we will head for ambience mall. Lunch at Starbucks and a bit of shopping. Later, around 5pm, we will visit a furniture store.
Have a great day! 

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