2nd time en pointe 

Hey everyone! How are you? I hope you are feeling great, if you don’t, do not forget that it is a bad day, not a bad life! 

This day was mainly spent looking for new furnitures, accessories & stuff for our new apartment. Each and everyone of us in the family are choosing a theme to stick with, when designing our rooms and toilets. Me and my little brother, who are sharing a room (since I won’t be here this much) will go with the colours grey, blue and beige. They have lots of things here in India, in all the “home stores”, like I mean a lot a lot. The range is not the only something really great, the prices are also just as good- everything is sooo cheap. With other words, wonderful!

In the afternoon I did a long workout, duration 1.5 hours. I started with doing core exercises, arms, after a bit of stretching I did turnout exercises as well as insides, then I did back exercises, stretched and later started my foot rehab. After a bit of foot exercises I decided to jump. I haven’t jumped for the whole summer, due to the surgery. It felt quite good, not as good as it did before, but not super bad either. I will really work on getting my jump ability back, now when I finally am allowed to do it.

After all those exercises above, I put on my pointe shoes. This was the second time since the surgery. Expect that I have a bad pair of pointe shoes, which are almost too soft and hurts, it felt good. I did rélevés & échappés, I also worked on balances and some jumps. Jumps and pointe work will be my priorities until I leave for Zurich.

It is 19 days left, until the plane departures from Delhi to Zurich, soooo exciting! Soon the next big adventure will begin. 


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