Tips on how to improve your pirouettes 

Today I will share my top tips, on how to improve your pirouettes. 

  • Always keep you core strong and stable, 
  • Never loose your spot. Have a sharp,  concentrated focus, as well as the spotting. 
  • Correct placement of the whole body. Be clean in every moment. 
  • Try to be extra careful with what you’re doing with your arms. 
  • Use the pressure from the floor. 
  • Do not let go of the fith, do not turn into an inwards position in your feet, right before the pirouette. 

These are my main things to think about. Having a strong core are the results of working hard in class as well as outside class, doing strengthening exercises are always good. Plank, sit ups, cruches, Russian twists and so on. 

To do pirouettes you need to be clean in what you are doing. Always have a sharp focus, do not ever let of your spot- this is something I really have to think about. I found it really hard to turn meanwhile being in front of the mirror. A sharp spot only helps if the rest of the body is knowing what it is doing, go through the arms really careful. If you fix all these things to think about above, it will only make it work as long as you keep a clean fith position- until you are in your retiré. 

Pirouettes are mainly depending on your technique- it is also luck and balance that makes you a great turner, but of course also experiences and lots of practise. 

To practice your balance you need to be strong in your calves. Doing daily relevés will help, increase the amount everyday and your legs will be stronger over time, if you keep doing it. No one can give you a good balance nor achieve perfects pirouette over a day. Both these things are coming from practise, practise, practise & more practise. Every morning and every night, when I brush my teeth, I do releves on both legs, one leg and work on my balance. 

“Don’t work until you get it right- work until you cannot get it wrong!” 


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