Forever a reader (& traveller)

Reading is the absolutely second best thing to do, after ballet of course. I adore how you can transform to a completely different world, when reading. Wether it is fantasy, reality, horror or love stories, a good writer is- and will forever be appreciated, a lot. 

Right now I am reading the worldwide famous “Shantaram” book. I won’t tell you much about it now, I’ll post another blogpost regarding it, later- since it is strongly contacted to India, which is very interesting to read about. We just bought it, the other day, at a wonderful and huge book store- at Ambience Mall. They have loads of books, I want to read all of them, sadly that is obviously not possible.

Why are there so many good books, but so little time?

I personally think reading is strongly connected to travelling. “The world is a book, he who stays home reads only one page.”. I will forever and ever adore reading and travelling, as well as my whole family does- and that is lucky because otherwise, we probably wouldn’t travel as much as we do.

I advise you all to either grab a great book to fall in love with, or book a flight to an exiting country, but all countries you haven’t been to are excited, aren’t they?



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