Gym & pool kinda day

This was a really good day, as well as an extremely hot day. Almost too hot, but luckily we hadn’t much errands, or such things, to make which meant that the day was spent by the pool.

In the later afternoon, I did my workout. This time I only did 20 minutes strengthening exercises (core, turnout, arms, feet) and stretched. More like a warmup rather than a heavy strengthening workout. Then I continued with doing pieces from ballet class. Plié. tendu, jeté, rond des jambes, fondu and so the list goes on. I did a bit center too and then some jumps. I also put on my pointe shoes and practiced balances & different types of relevés. I even started softening a new pair of pointe shoes. I am extremely happy to be en pointe again, finally able to work fully, without any sort of pain. Over the summer I have been fixing and preparing a bit more than 10 pairs of pointe shoes, with ribbons and everything. Doing it this way will make me have less shoes to sew, in the beginning, when in Zurich.

I hope your day was great. Tomorrow will be a very early day. We will be leaving the hotel 7.15, be all prepared by 7am, to drive to AES. At the American Embassy School, which my siblings will attend, there is an introductory meeting with all students, accompanied by parents and family. My sisters and brother are looking forward to begin at a completely new school (as well as I am, but for taZ, in Zurich). They’re excited and a bit nervous too. ❤



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