American Embassy School 

(Today we were in America, almost not.) 

The whole day was spent at AES, American Embassy School. It was a great day. The school is absolutely incredible, really. It is huge, with both swimming pools, a big gym, playgrounds, football courts and so on. It is very similar to the school my cousins attended, when they lived in Miami. Nothing like the (boring) schools in Sweden.

All the teachers are really kind, they have such an positive aura and attitude. Just like in an American school, in fact it is an American school (which you can obviously tell by the name). Anyways, it is divided in to PreK (prekindergarten), K (Kindergarten), Elementary school, middle school & high school. My little brother & sister will be in ES, grade 2 & 5 (Filip in 2, Tuva in 5) Thea will be in MS, grade 8. I would have been in grade 10.

I would love to attend this school. Maybe not now, because I want to dance and I am more than super excited to move to Zurich, but in case something does not work out- I will without doubt, go to AES. Such an amazing school and environment.

We actually met 5 different Swedish families, during the day. Some of them live in the Swedish embassy and the others in the Magnolias, which we will move to on Friday (yey, can’t wait!). They’re all global citizens and have just come from countries like Bangkok, Beijing, Istanbul and so on. This is a whole new life! Moving around and attending international schools like this, is absolutely what I want to do in the future, having a work which allows me to travel around the world with my children.

We lived in New York/New Jersey when I was very little. It would have been for a 3 years period and then we’d moved to another country. Due to another job offer my family moved to Stockholm instead. My mom got offered a job in Zambia, for 3 years, we didn’t take it though- too hard to live in the middle of Africa with 4 little kids. Now we will live here in India for atleast 2 years (I’ll partly live in Zurich as you know), then we will see what happens. Travelling is lots of fun! 

My family and I find it absolutely amazing, to be here in India. I really enjoy writing about everything, I hope you enjoy reading about is as well.

Bye for now!


2 thoughts on “American Embassy School 

  1. Haha, this is such a coincidene! When I was younger, I lived in New Jersey. And now I just moved to Hong Kong with my family for at least two years! Hope everything goes well in India and Switzerland. Wishing you the best of luck!


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