Training & more training 

Hey everyone! 

I just finished working out. I did it for about one hour. Started with 7 min plank and then did turnout exercises, a bit more core, back, stretched and then my foot strengthening exercises, followed by some jumps and pointe shoes.

Today I also managed doing fouettés in our hotel room. Right now, it is only me and my little sister- the others are either at work or in school, mom is about to pick up Thea & Filip with the driver. In a minute, when I am done writing, Tuva and I’ll go down to the pool. Maybe I will also swim a few laps, practising breaststroke & crawl, we will see about that. Anyways, because the others are away I cannot leave Tuva to be alone, when I go to the gym- that’s the reason for doing fouettés in the hotel room, I did the whole workout here. But back to the fouettés. It actually felt kind of good. I did it on both sides & managed it pretty well, due to the fact that I haven’t done it for 2 months, because of surgery! Fun fact, I am actually a lefty when it comes to doing fouettés and other turns. My left leg is also more flexible and feels much better when doing developpés & such stuff. 

Now I will head down to the pool. I hope you all have had, have or will have a great day! 


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