Interview: Filip; School life in Delhi (2 days in school yet) 

“Hey everyone’! My name is Filip. I am seven years old, but will be eight in September. I am Moa, Thea & Tuva’s little brother, I have three siblings. I love them so much. I just moved to Delhi, I go to the American Embassy School.”

What was your first day like? Good. It was very very good. All wanted to be friends with me, and they were very nice. I found nothing in AES at first, now I find everything. It only took one day.

Have you gotten any friends? Yeah, I play with two friends in the breaks. One is from Norway. The friends are from all over the world.
What is your favorite subject, yet? Math. It is so fun, I love to do it. I just like it very much.

What do you think about AES? It’s a very very good school, and very big, not too big. Now I can find everything, which I said before.

Tell me about your teachers! I have two teachers. They are super good.

Is the school different from your old school in Sweden? Yeah, really. The school in Sweden is very small if you compare to AES. It is more fun, like a fun labyrinth. Much more things to do. You can do minecraft after school, swimming or Lego and many other really fun stuff. There is a pool in the school!

How do you go to school? I get driven my a driver now. When we live in Magnolias me and Thea will go by the school bus, together with my friends.

Is it hard to understand the english? No it is easy.

Do you prefer Sweden or India the most (school wise)? India is more fun. I learn more and there is more fun things here, not in Sweden. My school in Sweden is more boring, but not bad.

These were some questions I asked my little brother. He is the cutest, so funny, & it is absolutely amazing to see how much English he has already learned. I mean, it is his third day in school tomorrow and he cannot stop talking English. Love him extremely much! I can’t imagine my life without me, he’s such a huge part of me.


“Look Moa! I am a twoicorn! Hahah, get it?” ❤ ❤ ❤

Hope your days was great! 



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