India: A completely different world

“Wait! Why is there such a long queue in the chaotic traffic? Oh, right… There are cows in the middle of the road, of course we cannot move them, how could I forget…?”

India is a big country and the population is huge. When comparing it to a country such as Sweden, the differences are endless. Of course there are also many similarities, but today I will especially focus on talking about the differences. 

Guinea pigs are very common animals to see, just like cows, homeless dogs and horses. Some people may be used to these wild animals, walking around everywhere, but I am not. It really wasn’t a shock though, since we already have been in India before. There are also many squirrels, but those are not unusual in Sweden either.

We are at the moment stuck in the traffic, just a few of the many consequences of living in a place with millions and millions of people. A little girl is standing right next to our car. She keeps knocking & knocking, begging for money or something to eat. Another really poor lady, just passed by, with her little son hanging on her side. Broken clothes, thin body and a praying face, which says please give me money. It is so heartbreaking.

When driving or walking along the roads, you cannot miss the sights of garbage. They don’t  really have a system for this, which basically means that everyone trashes their dirty garbage bags, where ever they want. There are piles of garbage along the roads, which later get burnt- it makes such a weird smell.

How do the people in India fix the holes and imperfections in the roads or in the streets? Well, they fill them with bricks. Such a perfect solution, isn’t it? It even makes the already bumpy car rides, more bumpy. 

The differences between poor and rich people in India, are huge. As you may have seen in my photos so far, we have been on places that are very much looking like skyscrapers, in well-developed countries such as New York. If you turn your head to the opposite side, people are sleeping on the streets, Guinea pigs eating the garbage and the crazy traffic going on with richaws, motorbikes, busses and cars. That is just something you have to deal with, but of course it breaks my heart, to see all these poor people. You want to help so badly, but at the same time- you cannot change the world, can you?

Talking more about the rich part of India, or at least, not the poorest; When we were doing the house viewings, we spoke a lot with the guys that helped us. We ended up talking about things regarding how our life in Stockholm were like, they got very surprised by some things. For example, when we told them we are not at all used to having a maid, or a so called “live-in”- they thought it was very strange. They were like, but how do you clean your house, who makes dinner and does the laundry? We answered, well,- we all do this together, but especially mom and dad. Neither did they believe us when we told them that we “only” had one toilet and restroom, on each floor in our house back in Stockholm. In all these apartments, each and very bedroom is including a restroom & toliet. They did not understand when we said that we used to live in a house, not in an apartment. After a while, they realised that a house (that’s not an apartment) is a bungalow concept. “A bungalow is a one-story house, cottage or cabin. A bungalow is a type of building, originally from Bengal region in India, but now found throughout the world. Across the world, the meaning of the word bungalow varies.” (Wikipedia)

Keep in mind that they spoke for the richer part of the sociality, I am absolutely aware that a huge part of the population live in sheds and are extremely poor.

In this part of India, Hindi is the most frequently used language. In Kerala, south of India, where we lived before- mayalayam was also very common to speak. In both of these languages, they mix it a lot with English words and phrases. This can get really confusing, do they speak English, or hind, or a bit of both? Although we, my family and I, are used to the accent that they have here in India, whenever they speak English, we always have to listen carefully, anyways. If you don’t listen real careful, their English will sound like Hindi or mayalayam.

These were some things that differs a lot, compared to, for example, Sweden. India is a wonderful country, in so many different ways, and I am so happy we have moved here. The best thing about moving here, is that you get so much experiences from a completely other culture. And something even better, I will move to Switzerland in 2 weeks. Travelling and discovering is the best. 

I have way more things to tell you about India. Let me know how you liked this blogpost and if you want more posts like these. I really tried taking photos of what I have been explaining above.

Have a great day! 


One thought on “India: A completely different world

  1. Loving to know your life and adventures and India! I love to know and live new cultures too, so, if you want to continue doing these kinds of post it will be very much appreciated xx


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