Moving to Zurich?! Pros & cons 

/The photos are taken by me, when I visited Zurich with my grandparents, to see the boarding house and the town, a few months ago. The arabesque photo is from February, my mom took it while we waited for the train, on our way to the audition for taZ./

Dear all readers, I have been getting quite many questions lately, about why I am moving to Zurich. This is probably because I recently got so many new followers on Instagram, most of them haven’t followed me since the day I auditioned, which means that they do not know the reason for me moving to Zurich. 

The simple reason for moving to Zurich is: because I will attend the Tanz Akademie Zurich there. It is a ballet school, ballet is what I would like to do, and I am really happy about moving there. I auditioned for the school in February & even though I had other options for other ballet schools abroad, I chose to go to this one. I personally think this ballet school will be the best for me, out of the options I had, & I am very excited to start there.

And for all those who are wondering, I will be living at a boarding house, during my attendance at the school.

Pro: The school starts 29th of August, which means I have been having a really long and nice summer break. I am used to have much fewer weeks.

Con: Moving means leaving my family… I will miss them so much, my perfect three little adorable siblings as well as my loved parents.

Pro: Travelling! Exploring a new country. Even though I am used to Swtizerland, since my grandparents have lived there, it is still a completely new city.  I will get lots of new friends! And also overall fun experiences.

Cons: Not having as many holidays as I usually have.

Pros: Getting to dance in a really good school, dedicate more of my life to ballet than ever before.

Con: Not knowing the language there…

Pro: …It means that I will learn a new language, and I love learning! I have already started practicing German, it is not super hard actually.

Living in a completely different country than my friends and family do, will be hard in the beginning. I am sure that I will, after awhile, adapt really well. I am so sad to move away from my family, who I love so much, but also thrilled and super excited to go to Zurich and really focus on the dance. And don’t forget, I will always come back to my family when we have holidays, the time will probably fly by fast.

“You are not moving away from something, you are moving to something.” 


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