As I have already written, India is a country with huge differences, in its population. The slum areas are not fun, not at all. 

Today we were a bit more on the country side of Gurgaon, India. Basically more in the slum areas, than in New Delhi. Whenever we were in the car queues, the tiny & poor children run over to the cars, knocking so hard on the windows, begging for money, food or anyone who wants to buy what’s in their hands (flags, hats, it can be whatever). Seeing all these young, little children running along the dirty roads, from car to car, is more than horrible.  What did I do when I was in their age? Well, I can assure you I was not living in a slum. A man without an arm, an old lady with wrinkles all over her face, a young woman- almost a girl, with her son hanging on the side of her body, even the little babies have learnt how to knock on the windows of all the cars.

Food? FOOD? Please, please, please! Buy? Please. Food?

Those children do not attend any school, they don’t live in a house, they barely have any money, or food to make it through the day… The world is such a great place, but at the same time absolutely horrible, in some parts.




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