Khan Market & pool party

I am currently in the cafeteria at American Embassy School, drinking chocolate & chatting with other expats, while mom and I are waiting for my siblings to be finished with their school. They go from 8.30am to 3.30pm everyday.
The social school life, here at AES, is totally different compared to other schools we’ve gone to in Sweden. There are many moms, some dads, who spend their mornings, afternoons or even the whole day at AES. Everyone is so social and super kind, really! We make new friends everyday, all from different countries and with different nationalities. 
Mom and I spent the whole morning at AES. Then we drove to Khan Market. Khan Market is an extremely popular market that has all different kinds of stores. You can find whatever you want there. Food, vegetables, the store Vero Moda & other clothing brands, Nike, Adidas, Accessories and so on. We even found a store where you can buy lots of different cat food & cat litter, just what we needed! 
Mom bought some things for her contacts at an optician. We also went in to a store where they had so many Bath&Body works stuff, one of our favourite stores! 

In one of the many food stores, you could buy a whole bunch of American candy and such sweets. Peanut butter, Nerds, Hersey’s chocolate, Doritos etc. We bought some skittles, as a little snack. Among all these stores, they also have lots of Indian shops, clothing, home accessories and so on. With other words Khan Market is a market mixed with all sorts of stores. 

After Khan Market, we went to Fabindia, their Home Decor Store. We didn’t buy anything at Fabindia though. It is a wonderful brand with (surprisingly) good quality & very nice things, clothing, home decor & organic food. Especially the home decor there is so beautiful. We will buy a makeup table for me, from that store, some shelves & other furniture for the apartment. It is extremely cheap compared to Sweden, yet such nice designs.  
We will actually stay here at AES until five o’clock. Thea, who’s an eight grader, will attend a “middle school pool party”. Which ends at five. Then we will go to the hotel, probably eat & then we might do a little trip to Home Centre, to buy bed sheets. We will sleep at the hotel this night but then tomorrow, we will really move in to the apartment. So great! 
Have a nice day! 


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