Apartment fixing 

Hey Everyone,

Right now we are at the hotel, it is a bit after 10 pm and we are watching TV, in our rooms at the hotel. I just did my workout. 

The whole day has been spent buying different things for the apartment. We started out at “Home centre”, our favourite furniture store here in India, where we bought bed sheets, towels and kitchen accessories. It was so much fun choosing and matching all kinds of different colours and sets together. My bed, a king size bed, which I will share with my little brother, has the colours grey and white. Tuva went for a turquoise bed sheet, Thea for a beige & mom and dad chose that colour as well. I’ve decided that my room will be in the colours grey, white & blue. The bathroom too. 

Since we really bought a lot of stuff, Home centre was kind enough to delivery it to our apartment. Very appreciated!

The apartment looked super great! It feels fantastic to finally have our own place, actually we shouldn’t really complain about being in a hotel for 2 weeks- our friends had to stay in a hotel for 6 weeks before they got theirs! Anyways, the apartment feels and looks great, we love it so much. 

All the furniture that is in the apartment right now, is only temporarily there. For example, my bed you see in the photos is not the one which will be there later on. Our ordered beds, tables & a sofa will soon arrive. The shipped furniture will come in the beginning of September, but then I have already left. 

After home centre, we went to the apartment. Then mom, Thea & I went to “Le Marche”, a supermarket. There we bought all kinds of food we needed, milk, cereals, bread, oats, hands sanitizers, washing powder and so on. When we got home to the apartment again, we packed up all the things we had bought & then took a snack/lunch (at half past 4)…  Cereals, young hurt and masala indian chai tea, so good! 

After a bit of cleaning and more fixing, we decided to sleep at the hotel tonight, instead of in the apartment. There were too much left to do & we won’t check out until tomorrow. 

I hope you all had a great day, 

Good night! 


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