4 from today

And so the work with the apratement continues! Grocery shopping at Spencer’s, cleaning all areas, shelves & surfaces in the apratement settling in and fixing everything. 

We just had our first, homemade lunch here in our apartment. We simply ate pasta & bacon with tomato sauce. Just before lunch, there was a maid who did an interview here, she wasn’t really what we are looking for though, so we will not hire her. 

There are a few luggages left, at the hotel, which we will pick up later this afternoon. Other than that, we will continue cleaning and settling in. Some of us may also go on a little adventure, looking for the Odomos Mosquito repellent cream. In all the stores we’ve been to yesterday and today, it is out of stock! And we are soon running out of ours… Right now, this is the period with the most mosquitos, everyone buys repellents and that’s why they are out of stock. Hopefully we will find some more soon. Everyday we use the cream & the patches (a sort of a little plaster you out anywhere on your clothes, which keeps the mosquitos away) 

We will also have to start buying air cleaners, before those are out of stock too (perks of living in a city with huge population). Around December and January, Delhi is the city with the most bad air to breath, especially since it gets colder during those months. You are barely outside & have to keep these things that makes the air clean in every room. 

Now I’ll have to continue cleaning, hope you all have a great day!

Bye for know


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