How I prepare my pointe shoes 

Good morning everyone! This is the first day, waking up in our apartment. I have slept so well this night, the beds are the most comfy & cozy ever! To start this morning, I was thinking that I’ll upload a ballet post for you all. This has been really requested: how do I prepare my pointe shoes? 

I use the Griskho 2007 Hard, 6 1/2 XX.

I usually start by putting on the ribbons. I sew like a rectangle, with double folded, thin white thread. Then I also sew wrist bands, like a cross over the wrist. I have used pointe shoes with only one X too (the thinnest size) but the heel is always sliding off anyways. Sewing the bands like a cross over the wrist, really helps to prevent the heel from staying where it should.

On the front, I use cotton thread. First of all, I gently take a scissor, & remove the fabric on the top of the shoe. Only on the platform itself though, not on the edges. Because then I use the cotton thread, to sew around the edges of the top of the shoe. The reason for this, is because I need narrow shoes, which also results in a quite small platform. Sewing around the edges of the front, makes the platform wider, it gets more stable and I prefer doing it this way.

When I soften the shoes I start by stepping on the front of my shoes. It softens the shank a bit and they get more comfortable. With my hands, I usually try to bend the sole a little. Then I put on my shoes and do relevés, press on the half pointe as well as the wrist, starting to break them in, but letting only my feet do the job.

Done! What kind of pointe shoes are you wearing & how do you prepare and break them in?

Have a great day! XO


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