Foot strengthening exercises 

These are some very easy excersies to help strengthening your feet and calves. They do not require any sort of materials, like Theraband or something. To massage your foot you could have a great use of a tennis boll, otherwise- just skip that step. I will do another post later on, with only theraband exercises. 

Start with doing circles with your feet. 25 en dehors & 25 en dedans, shift between pointing your feet while doing it, or just relaxing in the ankle. Later you could try 50 + 50 in each direction. 

Then, take a tennis ball. Massage the foot, by standing on the ball and press it into the floor.

Sit on the ground, legs stretched in front of you, with a straight upper body and strong core. Keep your feet flexed & parallel, then turn out your legs, pointe your feet, turn back to parallel- & flex. Repeat around 10 times. Then you can do the same thing, but backwards (start with flexed parallel feet, pointe,turn out, flex, turn in). 

Relevés: On a daily basis I tend to do 50 parallel relevés on two feet. After that I do 25 parallel relvés on each foot. If my calves aren’t too dead, I go to something similar to staires (there are no staires in our apartment, but if you have a staircase- good for you!) & do some relvés on both feet/ each foot. 

I always work on my balance, after I’ve done a bit of foot exercises. For example; in first position both feet, one foot- the other one in retiré, attitude, arabesque, developpé – front, side and so on. There are so many ways to hold a balance, but the most important is to always keep a strong core and straight back, sharp focus and stretched standing leg/legs. 

Those were a few great exercises. Let me know if you would like me to do a  blogpost with foot stretches. 

Bye for now! 


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