Improvised chocolate cake 

The other day, my little sister & I did a delicious chocolate cake, totally improvised. 

We luckily found flour, caster sugar, butter, eggs & salt in the market. We did not find any vanilla powder though… Nor any kind of measurements. Whenever you ask the people in the stores “Do you have this or that?” They tend to usually always answer “No m’am”. Then you keep looking and, in most cases, find it anyways. 

Well, the cake turned out to be real good, we even topped it with Nutella. Sadly I cannot tell you the measurements of all the ingredients, since we literally improvised the amounts with only a spoon. A little more of this, a little more of that and so on. 

It feels great to have our own kitchen. To eat normal breakfast, to be able to cook and overall eat, whenever you’d like. 
I will soon drive to AES with mom, to pick up the others, then we’ll go back home & spend the afternoon with homework and swimming outside in the pool. We will do two more interviews today, trying to find a maid. From Thursday, my little brother and sisters will go with the school bus, to/from school. 

Enjoy your day! 

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