Dance talking

(Enjoy the photo with all the electric lines, I mean- no wonder the electricity goes of 24/7 when they are in such a chaos)

Hello everyone!

This day was such a great day. Today we woke up at 6.30 am. We ate breakfast, got dressed & our driver picked us up at 7.20, then we drove to school. Since the school is in New Delhi, it takes around 50 minutes getting there. Everyone always starts 8.30, all classes. Then the elementary school finishes at 3.30 and middle school a few minutes after that. Thea, Tuva & Filip went to their classes. At 8.30, there was a meeting for parents in the elementary school, which mom and I attended. AES always has so many meetings and parents are really involved in the school, it feels like this was the 100th meeting we’ve been to so far, and this is only the second week of school! Yesterday there was a “New to Delhi”– meeting etc. At least it is fun being there, always getting delicious homemade cookies & cakes, plus meeting many nice people.

Anyways, after the PSA meeting, mom and I went to Khan Market, again. We bought a super pretty school bag for Tuva, my youngest little sister, from Accessorize. Then we went to have lunch with a good friend. The lunch was very great, great food and great company. She is actually also a ballet dancer, a professional ballet dancer, so cool! She has been working with the Royal Swedish Company for 5 years, and with Les ballet de Monte Carlo before that and so on. She is super nice, we really had such a great time. I appreciated talking to her, we spoke a lot about dance and ballet, finally someone to have some ballet talk with.

Around half past two, we went back to the school, to pick up the others. Then we drove home, I went to the gym, we made dinner & just hang around the apartment. Staying in a hotel really made us appreciate eating home cooked food, today we ate really good fish with potatoes, haricot verts & broccoli. Fun fact: Broccoli is a very exotic vegetable here, it is quite ironic since it is such a common vegetable to eat in Sweden.

After facetiming with one of my best friends (I miss my friends so much!), I will now watch a bit of Harry Potter, then go to bed. Tomorrow all the ES students are free = we are not going up early (yey!), expect for Thea who is in Middle school, but she’ll take the school bus anyways.

Good night!


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