Today’s workout

Today I went to the gym here, for the first time. I did my workout for a bit more than an hour. These past days I have only been doing my workout in the apartment, there are loads of space there though, so that works great too. Finally I have enough space to do fouettés and jumps and so on.  Yesterday, I swam 1 kilometer in the pool, great training! 

I started with running, then I did a little bit of bicycling, continued with push ups and a little weight lifts for arm strengthening, core, turnout (with weights on my ankles), insides, lots of relevés, theraband foot exercises, stretching, and that was it.

Actually I have some bad news…

My foot is starting to hurt again. It gets swollen and becomes stiff & painful. It goes away as soon as I keep it high and use ice though. Not fun anyways. I really haven’t overworked & I have followed the doctor’s orders. Well, well, this is probably very much caused by the heat-  I hope it is. It works out fine to train though, at least that’s good.





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