India; Pros & Cons 

(This is the same country. Yep, I know, very hard to understand, isn’t it?) 

Pro + con: the weather! Either to hot, rainy, sunny, humid or all at the same time. Still better than cold Sweden though.

Con: Clothing rules. You cannot wear too small clothing- like shorts or crop tops, it does not feel safe and is also not well appreciated due to their religion.

Pro: Getting to know a completely different culture. If you haven’t been to India, you will never fully understand this crazy culture and life being. Actually, even if you have been to India many times, you probably won’t understand it anyways- we don’t. This a completely different world, compared to, for instance Switzerland & Sweden. The people living here, the smell of India, the nature & so on. Super different but still super cool.

Con: Leaving my friends! We do daily facetimeing, snap chatting and messaging, still missing them so much though.

Pro: On the other hand, getting to know so many new friends with extremely many different nationalities is so much fun. We have really gotten friends from all over the world.

Con: pollution = bad air. Not that we have been experiencing this yet, but our friends here have told us that in the winter months, when it’s colder, New Delhi is the town where there is the most bad air to breath, in the whole world. You’ll have to protect your mouth and nose, whenever you go out. During that period, you never go out, expect for when you really have to. Air cleaners have to be put in every room inside the houses.

Pro: Living nearer places we want to travel to. India is more in the centre, of countries we want to go to. Thailand (already been there 4 times), Maldives, Singapore, Himalaya and so the list continues…

Con: Bacterias, always washing hands and using hands sanitizers. Although we are trying to keep clean and bacterias away, Delhi belly or upset stomach can be common problems anyways. Actually, when our body will be used to the spicy Indian food, we will feel sick when eating Swedish food again. Weird?

Pro: Overall getting many experiences which we would never have gotten if we’d hadn’t travel this much. It is really something special not staying in the same city your whole life, you get so much more perspective & realise a lot more. That’s one of the main things which I love about travelling. Living in a country is also so much more different, compared to only visiting it during vacation.

Con: It is very hard to live with the huge differences in the society. We have a great apartment, which we love so much, there are super good shopping malls here, also lots of “hi-tech” tall towers, if you look at the other side, or turn around,- poor people are sleeping on the streets, living in the slum & barely have no money or food. The beggars knock on the car whenever they get a chance, in a car queue. It is very hard to see all these poor little children, you want to help so bad, but you can barely do something to change their situation. Giving the children money, will probably not go to themselves. Something you could do at least, is to open a package of crackers of cookies. If they are open, the children will eat it immediately- if they are closed instead, they will probably sell it.

Pro: My siblings attendance to the American Embassy School, the best American School outside the states (so they say). It is such a great school & my sisters and brother really enjoy being there.

Con: Dengue. Dengue. Dengue. Dengue. Not fun. For those who do not already know, dengue is a disease you get from mosquitos. There are four different types of dengue. Only one is deadly dangerous. There is no cure for either of these diseases, if you get it, all you can do is wait till it is out your body again. And hope that you did not get the serious one. There are lots of ways to protect ourselves from the mosquito bites though; everyday we where the mosquito repellent cream, on all the areas on our bodies which are not covered by clothes. You also use repellent patches, like a little plaster you put somewhere on your clothes. Since we live on the 14th floor, the mosquitos cannot get up there, we have put ins in every room though, they are also mosquito repellent. Just to be safe.

These were some pros & cons about living in India. Overall it is such a special, wonderful & amazing place to live in, and to explore. 



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