It is Friyay!

Happy friday everyone! (Friyay!)

Today we all woke up at 6.30, in the morning (obviously). I ate a quick breakfast, porridge & a nutella sandwich, got dressed and then headed down to the lobby. Our driver picked us up at 7.20. We left dad at work & then continued in to New Delhi, to AES. Mom and I quickly escorted the others, Thea, Tuva & Filip, to their classrooms, then we got driven home again.

Until 2 o’clock, when we had to leave to pick up the others at school, mom and I worked out- power walking, gym; core, arms, back, turnout, feet, stretching & weights (I even did a bit Pilates in the machines, until I was told I wasn’t allowed to do so, without a “teacher”). When we had eaten a great lunch, it was time to go back to AES again. My siblings finish at 3.30. It takes one hour to get to the school and we have to be there 30 minutes before the school’s finished, which means we leave at 2. Only Tuva & Filip went home with us though, Thea had a taekwando class (as an after school activity), and took a later school bus home instead. AES offers such many fun school activities, anything from climbing, swimming, soccer, tennis to nailart, cooking, mincraft playing, lego club, painting & so on.

In the afternoon we did some more interviews with a few different house maids. We think we finally found one today, so that’s great.

We had a delicious dinner all together in the apartment & then we went for a super cozy evening swim.

This weekend will be spent shopping a few things. Next week my siblings will take the school bus every morning, but mom and I will pick them up in the afternoon. It it actually very nice being on campus and talk with all the other expats. I am leaving in 6 days!

I hope you all have had a good week, and will have an even better weekend! Good night. 


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