Saturday- pool day?

Swim, swim, swim- and more swimming. 

The whole morning was spent by the pool. I swam 2 kilometers, one part of the pool is 50 meters, 2km = 40 laps (it would have been 80 in a 25 meters pool) & then I also played around with my siblings.

We spent some hours in the apartment a bit after lunch, which consisted of pasta with tomato sauce with bacon and vegetables. In the afternoon we did a little trip.

We went to “MG road”, which basically is a very popular road with lots of different stores. Right now, we are especially looking for outdoor furniture- to place on our big balcony. More particularly, a sofa & a swing. There were lots of great furnitures, we didn’t buy anything tough- it was kind of more to get an idea of the different things so we later can order it online. Also, the temperature was super hot, like we were literally dying when we walked outside from store to store. Some of the stores didn’t even have any sort of air-conditioning,- too hot to handle.

When we got home, the others went to the pool while I did my workout. I am trying really hard to get in the best shape for Zurich, leaving in 5 days…

We ate a great meal at the restaurant in the club house, and will soon go to bed.

I hope your day was great, goodnight!


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