2.5 hours workout done!

Above are some photos from my day. Please notice the name on the Starbucks drink, I do really appreciate how the Starbucks staff got my name written completely right, that might even be the first time ever! Btw, this is the first day in 2 months that I wear makeup, I’ve missed doing it so much but it feels very unnecessary to have it while it is summer break. Only me? 

The others took the school bus that left the Magnolias 7.25am. Mom and I got picked up by the driver at 9.40. We went to our good friend, who is a ballet dancer, & spend quite some hours at her house. She trained with me for almost 2.5 hours! We did lots of super good exercises, it was really such a great workout. I will come by her house again tomorrow to practice a bit more. Got to get in shape before leaving for Zurich…

After my workout, mom & I went to Ambience Mall. We had lunch at Starbucks & bought a cute jumpsuit for Thea at Promod. Then we went to AES to pick up the others. AES’s cafeterias always have the best homemade cookies and breads. That’s what you see in the picture above. Now we are just relaxing at the apartment, I will soon go for a massage. Thea will come home a bit later with the school bus, since she has Taekwondo class.

We are currently planning our next holiday. Both me & my siblings have 3 weeks of during the christmas holidays. At that break, we are thinking about spending either a week at the beautiful Maldives, or at the great Koh Phi Phi islands, in the south of Thailand. Then we will probably go to Sweden (Hurray!), to spend some days in Stockholm & some in the south of Sweden. We will probably celebrate the New Year with good friends in Sweden. Already looking forward to that holiday. But now I am very excited to soon fly to Zurich, cannot wait until Thursday!

Enjoy your day!


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