O M G- mixed up flight departures 

Omg guys, how do I start?? 

Well, my Wednesday was great. I spent a big part of the day at our good friend’s house, since she’s a ballet dancer (as mentioned before) we have been working out together this week. We really did a “killer leg (and overall body) workout”. Then we had a great lunch together, we looked through some old, but gold, dance magazines which she was featured in. So much fun! 

The afternoon was spent at AES, my family and I got home to the apartment around 6 pm, we then had a lovely, calm & cozy dinner- the whole family together in the restaurant, in the club house. After that, we went back to the apartment, just relaxed & had some great family time together. At 8.30 pm, while I was colouring my eyebrows (actually), I heard how mom, out in the kitchen, realised that she had gotten the timing wrong. The plane does not departure Thursday night, which we thought, it departures on Thursday morning = Wednesday night = in like 4 hours! 

We panic- packed for one hour and then we were all good to go. The whole family was crying so much, seeing my siblings this sad was horrible. I don’t want to leave them! And they don’t want me to leave either…

We managed to made it to the airport perfectly fine & the travel went quick and easy. This time difference is extremely confusing though. Like, everything between Wednesday evening & early Thursday morning is all mixed up & blurry. I can’t believe I am already in Zurich. The reason may be that mom and I slept the whole 8- hours flight. 

Switzerland and Zurich, on the other hand, is amazingly perfect. This fresh air, compared to Delhi’s pollution, is just wonderful. Zurich has such a beautiful nature, everyone and everything is so nice. I will definitely have a great time here, I hope. The relief you feel from coming straight from India to a clean and fresh Switzerland, is almost the greatest feeling in the world. 

So, instead of being at a “mela” at AES with the others today, mom and I are now touristing around Zurich instead. Hmm, good thing we realised the timing of the plane tickets, before it was too late at least. 

Sometimes, things do not turn out how you think they will, this we really gotten proof of today (yesterday?), as I said, a tad confused with the time and everything. 

Anyway, I will keep you updated, spam with photos of pretty Zurich & blog about how our days, before school starts, will be like. And of course continue to blog after that. 

Enjoy your day, I will for sure enjoy mine! 


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