Fresh hair, good food & nice shopping

I started out this morning by getting a haircut, to get rid of all the splits ends & damaged parts. Now my hair feels so much more fresh! 

Mom and I have basically been walking all day. Apart from buying the prettiest sunglasses ever (from Quay), we’ve also bought some things for my room, in the boarding house. We fixed the transport ticket, which will last for a year. Yesterday we got me a new SIM card, that’s good and was well needed.l

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, we had a meeting with my supervisor/house mom at the boarding house. We did some practical stuff and got shown the whole boarding house. Everything is so pretty, fresh & wonderful! The nature that is surrounding the house is just perfect. I really think (and hope) I will have the greatest time there. 

Tomorrow, in the afternoon, I will go there again and pack up all my things. So exited to do that! 

Mom and I have been eating such great food today. Crêpes, tomato & buffalo mozzarella sallad, sushi, candy & so on. The weather is super hot here, around 35 degrees… 

I did some super great exercises I learnt from my friend & then stretched a bit, in the evening. 

Now, mom and I will eat some more candy and watch a few episodes of Friends. 

Have a great evening! 


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