First day of school at taZ, done & dusted!

Soo… Now I have had my first day at the Tanz Akademie Zurich, in Switzerland. 

I woke up at 6 in the morning, by myself actually. I had breakfast around 7 and then we all, in H1 (my class), went together to Toni Areal, where all the studios are, and the dance subjects are hold. The weather today was quite rainy and a little bit colder than yesterday, I was happy about- it because now I really look forward to fall & winter- after being in India’s heat.

Anyways, this day was really good. Good teachers, great classes, nice people, amazing city & so it continues. We only had music theory, classical & modern though. The Pas de deux & pointe class were cancelled, which gave us a 4 hours long break in the middle of the day (we still finished at 6pm). During the break, me and 3 other girls, we went to the ballet shop. Two of them bought a leotard, our simple black school uniform leotard, but I did not buy anything. Actually, one of my black capezio leotards I have is so similar to the uniform, which means that I am in no stress to buy the actual uniform.

This evening I have been face timing with my parents, my family & my best friend. ❤ I have been talking with the others at the boarding house and just overall have had a really fun & great evening.

I am so so tired and will soon go to bed.



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