2nd day done 

And the second day is now done! It feels like I’ve been here for a week though… Everyone are so great & the school feels super. 

This day was a very good one. We started with dance history, then we had classical, pointe & finished with modern. 

We actually finished at 4 pm. So great! It will be different later on though, when rehearsals are coming up, and the schedule is different everyday. 

On our way home, me and three others went in to Migros. I bought some candy (super healthy, I know) and muesli bars, to have as a snack between classes. 

The evening has been spent facetimeing with my wonderful & lovely (&perfect&sweet&amazing&superdupermissed) family. I have been doing a bit of math on my computer & reading & just watching YouTube. Me and some others ate a great dinner outside on the balcony. Switzerland is the prettiest! 

I hope you all had a great day. Tomorrow, me and 9 others will visit the immigration office at 9 o’clock. 

Good night! 


2 thoughts on “2nd day done 

  1. Hi! I just have some questions, very random:

    How long vill you be living in Zurich?

    Would you please do like a room tour of your room there on the blog?

    Where did you buy that pencil case kinda thing that you have on your bedside table?

    Love u


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