School = not very active on social medias

I am so sorry for not posting very good blogposts at the moment. I promise it will get better over time, when I am more settled in with my schedule & life here in Zurich. 

Anyways, I have had a really great day. We started with ballet at 9 in the morning. Which we had until around 12, that also included one 10 min break & pointe work. Then we had lunch. We finished at 4 o’clock with impro & modern.

In the evening I was interrupted, while reading, by some friends. George basically moved in to my room (he really liked literally everything about it). We had so much fun but around 9 I really had to make them leave- due to a facetime date.

I will start to write more exciting blogposts in the near future. A Q&A is soon coming up. I will also explain more about the school, the classes, the boarding house, post photos of my room & so on…

I hope you all had a great day,

Good night! X


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