It is Friday!

Almost one week done here, at Tanz Akademie Zurich. So far, everything has been just great. I have met the funniest people ever. All the girls in my class are so good, everyone has amazing feet. The boys are very good as well. I really like the boarding house, and my room. Although nothing could have been better here, I miss my family so much. 

Today we started at 9 o’clock with ballet, & finished at 5.15 with modern. Between those two classes, we had pointe class, body conditioning & pas de deux. My whole body is so dead. I still have pain in my foot when dancing after the surgery, but it’s the worse in the evenings- because then I have used it all day. Every evening my foot is a bit swollen & it hurts. I really hope that will go over soon…

The evening has basically been spent laughing at George (the boy who is jumping next to me, he is too funny). We had so much fun during the dinner, me, three other girls & two boys.

It is only a bit after nine, but I am already super tired. I will try to be in bed at 10, the latest. Tomorrow we only have ballet class & then we are finished for the day. I look forward to have lunch with my grandparents. Except from that, I don’t have any other plans.

Have a goodnight!


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