One week done!

Okay, so… One week at Tanz Akademie Zurich is now done! (Just a few more left until it is winter holidays)…

Today we only had ballet class, finishing at 10.30. I directly went to the internet, I showered, re-did my makeup & got dressed. At 12 I met my grandparents. We ate a super nice lunch together (which you can see in the photos) and overall had a great time. Love them! I bought a folder and some notebooks, they’ll be needed in school, a new pillow (on sale, yey!) & voltaren cream for my foot. Everything, except the voltaren, is from Manor.

My foot is not very good at the moment. It works fine when I dance, but whenever I am walking longer distances it gets so swollen, then I cannot point it at all. Well, well…

I got back to the boarding house around 4. From then until now, I have just been taking it easy basically. I’ve been talking with my friends, facetimeing my family, reading & so on.

Now I think we’re going to watch a movie in another flat,

Have a great evening!



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