Sunday = nutella day

Happy Sunday everyone!

I woke up at 8.30 this morning (actually very late, for being me). I ate brunch around one hour later. Nutella sandwiches (Sundays equal nutella days), fruit salads, porridge & a bunch of good things.

After the breakfast, me and three others, went down to the common room. We played the football game & a bit of billiard.

I don’t exactly remember at what time, but a few hours later- me, two guys & another girl went out for some hours. We basically just walked around the city, Zurich is not very fun on Sundays, due to the fact that literally every single store is closed. It was nice to leave the boarding house a bit though, I don’t like being inside all day.

When we got back, I facetimed with my family & some friends. I also finished reading my book, “Little Bee”. It was a very good one which I can definitely recommend.

We will eat dinner in 2 hours, my plans for the rest of the evening are not much. We have a little music homework for tomorrow, and I will probably start reading another book. Reading is the best!

Hope you all had a great day, 



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