Tanz Akademie Zurich info

What is life here in Zurich like? Which classes do I have? Where do I live? How is everything? And so the questions continues… If you start reading, I will answer typical questions I get, regarding living here in Zurich & the dance academy. 

So, as probably the most of you know (if not all) I am currently living in Zurich, Switzerland. The 29th of August I started at Tanz Akadmie Zurich, which I auditioned for last February.

We do not only have ballet, pointe classes, pas deux, modern, body conditioning & improvisation, we also have music theory, dance history, english and a subject called General Knowledge. We have normal school- the academics (english & general knowledge) on Wednesdays afternoons’ (for around 4 hours, finishing at 6.30). Those two subjects are held in two different schools. Everyday, we start at 9 and it depends from day to day when we finish. We have school 6 days a week, but Sunday is a free day (for now).

In my class, we are currently 10 girls & 7 boys. Tomorrow, a new girl will come to our class- which makes us 11 girls. Everyone are really good, I must say. Super nice feet, pretty lines, amazing turnout & great turns etc. I am not a turner though… Wish I was! Life feels very unfair when a girl in my class suddenly does 6 pirouettes en pointe, I can tell you I am not really there yet.

The teachers here are great, I think. Our classical & pointe teacher is swiss, but has been a soloist with the Royal Swedish ballet in Stockholm. This means that she speaks swedish, which is very cool, and she gives me all corrections in swedish.

I live in a boarding house, with people from all over the world. Turkey, South Africa, Australia, Portugal, France, Switzerland & so on. I am the only one from Sweden here.  There are 10 flats in the house. Each flat has 3- 5 (I think) people living there. You either share a room with someone or you have one yourself. In my flat we are three people, me, a girl from Japan & one from Switzerland but half dutch. We also have a little kitchen, where we can make whatever we like (snack, food, tea etc). Each flat has a computer & a TV. Ours is just next to the kitchen table. Since I am the oldest one of us three, I get a room of my own. Very thankful for that! We have two toilets in our apartment, which we share.

There are different packages that you can have, while living at the boarding house. Since this is my first year here, I have the “full” one. I get served breakfast & dinner everyday. The food is really good. We also get 10 francs as lunch money- everyday. We then use the money to buy a meal, usually at the Mensa- in the school building, but it can be wherever. Each weekend, one flat makes the food for all the people in the house.

Everyone in the internat has a supervisor. A person that helps with the practical things.

The boarding house is very great I think. Super fresh & quite big. It is situated more on the outside of Zurich, surrounded by alps and green nature-such pretty view! It is absolutely beautiful to eat dinner outside on the balcony, connected to the dining room. In the lowest part of the house, in the basement I guess, there are the laundry rooms & the common room- where you can play billiard, borrow books or movies (german, english & Japanese) and so on. Everyone are so nice, when you live together and see each other 24/7, you really get to know each other. We have a lot of fun & I am having a great time here.

(A room tour will be up in the near future!)

This was some facts and info about everything here. I don’t think I could ever end up in a better place than here in Zurich, amazing dance school, great accommodation & super nice people. Switzerland is definitely one of the most fresh, organized & prettiest countries in the world.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost, please let me know if there are any more questions I can answer. 



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