Monday laziness

I feel pure happiness about finally being back in my bed, at the boarding house, again. This day was not a good one, everything was very hard as well as tiring. Only good thing about today is that the modern class was great fun & went all good (which never happens to me usually).

We had classes from 9 am- 6 pm. Started with music theory, then we had body conditioning, ballet, pointe (or, our teacher went overtime so instead we only had class for 2.5 hours straight), pas de deux & modern. My ballet class today was so bad. Everything did not only feel bad, it looked bad too. Hate those days…

In the body conditioning, we did a bunch of abs exercises, back, turnout & stretches. Some back stretches were really intense, which can be good, since it is useful to have a flexible yet strong back when dancing. Anyways, I am already quite flexible in my back & since I don’t really have a lot of muscles in my lower back, I always have pain there. When I stretch this much, the pain gets really bad. Right now it hurts a lot, hopefully it will be less pain in the morning…

Also, my foot is not getting better either. That is why you see I have a bandage on it, in one of the photos. It keeps getting swollen a few hours after I have pushed it really hard (then I cannot do maximum pointe). I put the bandage for a bit of pressure, as well as keeping it high, to make the swollen part go down as much as possible.

For dinner we got chicken in a sauce, some vegetables & oven made potatoes.

Now I will spend the rest of the evening facetiming with a friend, and I will also read a bit.

Have a great evening!


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