Instagram Q&A part 1 

Here comes around half of the questions I go from the Q&A on my instagram, sorry for taking such a long time before I finally uploaded it. I hope you like to read my answers, as I like to answer your questions: 

What are you trying to improve in ballet? EVERYTHING! As a dancer you keep working hard everyday to continue to develop and grow. My main things, I think extra about, and work even harder for, is especially my arms, turns & overall the stability in my body.

How do you stay so fit? Being a ballet dancer & dancing everyday makes you fit I guess. I dance all day, six days a week.

Which dancer do you look up to? There are many dance people I look up to. The famous ones, such as Svetlana Zahkarova, Sylvie Gulliem, Natalia Osipova & so on. But there are also dancers I know, who I look up to a lot.

Favourite ballet? Hmm… Actually I don’t really have a favourite ballet.

What is your dream company? I must sound like such a boring person, but actually I don’t have dream company (yet…).

What exercises do you use to improve turnout? There are loads and loads of turnout exercises you can do. If you google “turnout exercises” on my blog, you will find a blogpost with a few of the ones I do. My bet tip would be to not only strengthen, but also to stretch your hip flexors.

Is it possible for ballet dancer like me who started ballet at age of 13 become professional dancers? Ps, I love your blog. Thank you very much! Actually, this depends a lot; what does your body look like, what do you already know, basically how you dance and what’s your technique like… But it is never ever too late to start ballet if you do it as a hobby.

How do you improve your develope height? My top tips would be to stretch a lot, as well as strengthening. Take your leg in the hand, push it up till where you want it to be. Then try to let go, do this several times a day & your leg will gradually go higher up. Over splits (which I talk about all the time) are great too.

How do you eat? Usually with a fork and a knife, if it is things such as candy, chips or other sweets, I eat with my hands. Just kidding, you probably mean what do you eat- and I can tell you one thing: I eat everything! Meat, vegetables, pasta, fruits as well as candy, chips and chocolate etc etc.

What kind of thread do you use to sew the platform? This is a photo of it!

What is your 3 favourite makeup products xx? My Lorac pro 2 palette, I use it everyday, my Lancôme mascara & my beautblender- if that one counts.

What are some stretches on getting en pointe? Any tips for someone who is not flexible? If you mean that you’ll want to get more on & over the platform of the pointe shoe, I think you can do that by the help of a theraband- to stretch the ankle. You can take your foot in your hand, and gently but hard, press the foot to bend the ankle more. You could also ask a friend to press your foot, while the friend is pressing your foot down against the floor- try to press it up against the ceiling. Then relax and let the foot go further down.

How to get in shape the fastest? During the summer, I’ve been working out everyday to keep my body going. I’ve mixed between doing lots of core, legs, arms, turnout and back exercises (and so on)- but I have also been swimming a lot. Running is also a great thing to do. My best tip would be to always stay somewhat active, during breaks. Take longer walks, run, exercises, swim and so on.

In Zurich, will you only have dance classes or will you have other styles of dance as well? I have ballet everyday, six days a week. Then we also do modern, improvisation, pas de deux, pointe classes & body conditioning. As for academics we have english & general knowledge, we also have dance history & music theory.

What is your favourite stretch? My favourite stretch would definitely be the splits or the flog stretch.

How long will you stay in Zurich? Will you do a fan meet up there? I honestly don’t know, I am planning on doing these 3 last years at taZ, then try to find a job in a good company. But, you never know what happens. I also have lots of problem with my back and my foot, so I will see what happens in the future. And sorry no, I am not going to do a fan meet up here.

How do you stay in shape during breaks for dance? I am always active whenever I don’t dance. I swim, I run, I do different types of workouts & stretch, on a daily basis.

What is your makeup routine? I start with applying foundation with a beautyblender (after moisturising my skin), then I take powder, I do my eyebrows, apply a little bit of black eyeliner & then I do mascara. It is very simple and takes like 5-10 minutes.

Favorite go-to-snack? Hmm, it would probably be like a muesli bars, a banana or an apple.

Best thing about Swizterland? It is such a beautiful country, I love it so much! SO, clean, pretty, very well-organized & just overall wonderful (but also very expensive).

These were some of the questions I got from my latest Q&A, on instagram. I will post the 2nd part rather soon. 

Have a great day! 




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