Tuesday, check!

This was a much better day than yesterday. I had a really good ballet class (the pointe part went awful though) & modern was fun. The dance history is actually better than I thought it would be, as these are the first times I have it- and I enjoyed that class too. 

Today we finished at 4 o’clock, me and my two friends went directly to the dressing rooms & changed clothes. Then we first took the tram to the ballet shop, I bought the taZ jacket, which is in the “ballett-shop”– bag. After that, we went to Starbucks for a little snack, you can never go wrong with a frappucino & a cookie. When we were finished snacking, we took the tram to the library- one of the girls needed some books for school. I was looking for a math book in english, but all the books were sadly written or translated into german…

Now I am at the boarding house again & I have just had dinner. I will spend the rest of the evening reading, reading is the best. Yesterday I never read, which I said I would, because Rut and I had too much to talk about. Love facetime!

My back hurts so much! It is so annoying… My foot is kind of working, it is not such a big problem when doing class. Whenever I am finished with the classical classes, ballet, pointe & PDD- it gets swollen and hurts. Pressure helps though, that’s at least something good.

Hope you all have had great start of the new week!


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