Walking around Zurich aka having academics


Happy mid-week everyone! 

And so another day has passed by. This morning we only had ballet & a pas de deux class. Then after lunch, we went directly to school- for the academics, english & general knowledge. We were supposed to finish at 6.30 pm but finished half an hour earlier, at 6 (happiness!).

The english class was fine, it is so simple though. The thing is that it really doesn’t work out to have an english class with such different levels. Some are fluent, some are good & some can only speak a tiny bit…

During the general knowledge class, we went outside for the whole time. We walked around the Zurich, especially in the older parts of the city. Our teacher told us theca history about certain places, houses & the nature. It was really great to go outside & we had a lot of fun. Thanks so the hours of walking and to the extremely hot sun- my foot got so swollen. Almost like a lighter version of a football around the heel and the ankle. Too bad! The problem is that I can’t even point it when it is like that. I have had ice and pressure on it, ever since we got back to the internat. That helps, which is at least something good.

Today I told my teacher about my pain in my lower back, she helped me to book an appointment with the physiotherapist, tomorrow noon. Hopefully they will be able to help me.

Anyways, I’m going to read now, I wish you all a great evening! 



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