Physiotherapy done 

Today I actually had a great ballet class (finally), the pointe class went quite OK too & we had 3 hours ballet in total. After an hour of lunch break & then 3 hours improvisation & modern we finished at 4 o’clock. Great day! 

I went to the physiotherapist at 12.30 today, for half an hour. She was really nice. We talked about my foot but mainly about my back (having too many problems with my body at the moment). We didn’t really make any conclusions, but I will be go there 2 times a week- we’ll look more into it then. Since this was my first time ever (really not the last) there, we  talked through everything, I told her how it felt and what I’ve been told about it & she also massaged my back a bit. I really really really hope we can figure something out, to make the pain go away. It is not fun to dance with so much pain… Having good hopes though.

When school was finished, me, Luca, Lena, Alyssia & George went to the Migros outlet. We bought a bunch of not very healthy things. Tomorrow is the weight check day. They will check the weight of everyone, you have to keep a BMI between 16-18.

After our Migros visit, I recharged the data on my phone, at the main station- then we went back to the Internat.

I wish you all a great evening! 


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