Happy Friday everyone!

Today we started with ballet, then continued with pointe, body con, pas de deux & modern. We started at 9 & finished at 5.20.

Between body con & PDD we had the monthly weight check, which everyone was very nervous about. It went all right, they just quickly measured my height & weight.

After school, I went by myself to the ballet shop, where I got 3 new pair of tights. Yesterday when we got out laundry back, my 3 tights were completely PINK, so they gave me money to buy some new ones- because the others are now impossible to use.

When I had bought the tights, I went to the internat. On my way there, I passed by a store to buy some food.

Now it is almost 9 o’clock. I have had dinner & we also had a little flat evening with our supervisor. The rest of the evening will be spent reading, I will finish my book & start a new one. At nine, there will be a little celebration party with cakes and stuff, for the ones that have had birthdays in August- they do this every month.

I hope you all have had a good day, will have a great Friday evening & an even better weekend!



2 thoughts on “T G I F

  1. Hey, do you have every month weighing? Why? What is the normal weight and what happends when you weight isn’t that range?
    All the best for you!
    Ps, I love your blog ❤️


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