2 weeks done!

It’s Saturday guys! We are finally free for 1.5 days! 

Today I woke up at 6.10. We left the boarding house around around 7.20 & were in school a bit before 8. We had ballet from 8-10.30 & that was it.
Me and some friends stayed for like an hour or more, to take photos, after class. Now I finally have something to post on Instagram… I just hate it when I have nothing to post.

The ballet class went very good, all the way until my pain was too unbearable- my back pain. It hurts a lot & gets worse whenever I do some quick movements or bend any direction, in my back. I couldn’t do the last big jumps in class, so sad about that since we were in a big, pretty studio. I tried jumping one diagonal, but it gave me too much pain. I could barely walk and every little thing hurt so so much. Good thing I am going to the physio on Monday. This pain does not feel good.

Well, anyways, when we were finished with our little photo shoot- me, Alyssia, Luca, George & some others, we went to Migros. We all bought the delicious (and very cheap) ice coffee (literally everyone drinks it 24/7). Then we went to MCdonalds, I had a cheese burger for lunch. We ate outside in a park. After some talking and eating, I took the tram to Manor, by myself. There, I bought a cute baby blue, cozy shirt with matching joggers & also a cashmere shirt.

When I got back to the boarding house, I showered and ate some snack while doing the english homework (which was the easiest thing ever). Then I went to George & Luca’s flat, where I found a bunch of fun people.

One of the older guys had his 18th birthday some days ago. Today he had a little party in the common room. It was very nice, great music, good cookies, cakes & fun people. We watched while the guys played billiard & I also played the football ball game several times. Which is so funny!

Today was the first time this boarding house had a pizza night, so yummy!

Now I am currently drinking tea with Catarina, we just met 2 older guys who came to my flat (they lived here before and are now in the highest grade at taZ). I will later on read a bit & continue to watch season 6 of Suits, the best!

Have a great evening!



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