Chinese garden 


I had a lazy, but very great Sunday morning. After eating a delicious brunch, with Nutella sandwiches, fruit salad, porridge & a bunch of other nice things, I watched youtube & read a bit. Later, me & Catarina went to Chinese Garden.  

Before facetimeing with Rut for like 2 hours, while we both were cleaning & fixing things, I read my book. Reading is really the best. I also washed my tights today and the things you use inside the pointe shoes, by hand.

At 3 o’clock, Catarina and I went out for some hours. We visited Chinese Garden. It was so so so pretty. The area around the actual garden, was just the prettiest. Especially with the sun shining so bright, there were no clouds on the sky, at all. We walked along the water, back to the city again. The weather was extremely hot, we chose the perfect day to do this little trip. After I have had an ice cream and Catarina some Starbucks ice tea, we took the train to the main station. There we went to Migros, to buy some groceries. I hate how literally every single store is closed on Sundays, none are open- except for the ones at the main station. I bought bacon, egg, flour & ice coffee. When we got home I did banana pancakes, the bananas were getting too old. (TO GEORGE: It is the easiest thing ever- 2 bananas, 2 eggs and two spoons of flour!) 

I hope you all had a wonderful day, my day was great


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