Monday, check!

Monday monday monday monday

I am SO happy this day is over, guys! We literally have the hardest day, the first day of the week- which actually might be kind of good after all. Anyways, we started with music theory, then we had body conditioning, ballet, pointe, pas de deux & modern. The classes started at 8.45 & the day was finished around 6.05 pm. 

I had a quite good ballet class, after pointe work I went to see the physiotherapist again. I honestly feel like it might be good to go there, but I really don’t see any differences. I probably need to see a doctor… The back pain is killing me.

After school, I went by Migros and bought some nuts (on sale) & crackers. I got home a bit after seven and directly ate dinner.
I’ve just managed to get some people of out of my room. George couldn’t stop looking at my makeup. Glad I’m not the only one loving makeup though.

Now I will read for a while, but I am extremely tired so I will probably go to bed rather soon.

Good night!


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